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Artist's Statement

Cocoon-my word for how I am feeling when I am creating.

Painting for me is always the feeling of letting go, of being led, of not being alone, of following urges and heating up. Imagine being heavily wrapped in energy, excitement, trust and warmth all at once, and you don't want to leave that. You want to stay there and observe the outcome.

Growing Up-from childhood through high school at home:
My parents saved "all" materials and I used them in my projects. They provided me with my own table and work area at a very young age. I had rulers, hammer, nails, paint and carefully saved scraps to make art with.

It was instilled in me to be busy, always working and developing something. We were making things with new ideas always percolating. My father taught himself had to cane a chair with reed soaking in water and a library book showing how to cane propped open. I am still amazed and inspired by that.

When I was in High School I wanted to make a room divider out of burlap and then sew yarn on it. My father bought lumber and went about framing it for me. I sewed huge abstract lines with black yarn. This was for sure three dimensional abstract thinking and the beginning of my Interiors quest.

I asked how to solder and he showed me in the garage with a solder gun. I made a small sculpture. We refinished furniture and I learned to appreciate antiques.

Mom did crewel work with yarn and produced amazing art that she framed. Quilting was something all of my great Aunts did and they were each unique pieces of art. I had the privilege of studying them, sleeping with them and I still do.

Even watching mom baking pies with woven lattice stripes on top was an art form. We were all busy with lots of interesting things going on, and I followed along learning and observing and also creating things.

I know I have always been creative and I know it is a gift. I was blessed to have them to emulate and to encourage me.

Indiana was my home until I was in Jr. High School and we moved east to Philadelphia. I believe watching my family build and create led me to a career of space planning and design. I worked with carpenters, architects and helped produce many forward thinking projects in corporate america.

I feel so lucky to have experienced the Midwest. Cornfields are still a vision I think about. It was a tough transition to move to a big city, but I found a new exciting life waiting for me. The art department of my high school was huge and soon became my new home.

After a twenty five year career in Design I began to paint again.

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